Phoenyx Rebirth

Phoenyx Rebirth

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Phoenyx - Current Line-up

Johnathan Maximillian Riverfiield

Age: 43
Hair: Brown with blonde highlights
Eyes: Blue
Position: Vocals, Guitars

Alexander Simon Forrester

Age: 47
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Position: Vocals, Guitars

Erick Demian Anderson

Age: 46
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Position: Bass

Gregory Kyle Anderson

Age: 44
Hair: Red
Eyes: Grey
Position: Drums

Devin Indalecio Steele

Age: 45
Hair: SIlver-blue
Eyes: Hazel-Gold
Position: Vocals, Keyboards/Piano

Other Members of Phoenyx and their current status

James Aldrick Michaelson

Age: 45
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Former Position: Vocals, Guitars
Status: Left Phoenyx after disagreements.  Current place and profession unknown.

David Timothy Halloway

Age: Deceased; would have been 46
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Greeen-Grey
Former Position: Vocals, Keyboards/Piano
Status: Died of an overdose on tour, 1985

Kevin Frederick Winters

Age: 40
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Grey-Gold
Former Position: Guitars, Vocals
Status: Currently working on a solo project.

Other People

Kimberley Riverfield

Age: 37
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gold
Status: Johnathan's wife

Luna Terra Riverfield

Age: Deceased; Would have been 36
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Status: Johnathan's sister; suicide in late 1986

Phoenyx Rebirth

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