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About Phoenyx Rebirth

Phoenyx Rebirth started under the guise of fanfiction, and I found that in order to pull my idea off, it would be far easier to create a new band... and things have evolved greatly from there.  Phoenyx Rebirth draws it's inspirations from many things, and yes, you can bet Styx was my original inspiration.  However, this is my own world now, and my own creation. This is no longer related to Styx in any way.

About the Author

D. "Mintaka" Peal is a 21 year old female with many ambitions who needs to find more time in the day and STILL get a job to boot.  :o She's creative, although sometimes wanders the fringes of reality with her writing, and also flirts dangerously with somewhat questionable things yet still trying to provide a point and good story.


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Phoenyx Rebirth

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